Let's shape the future of European travel together!

Hack for Stay: Shaping the Future of European Travel

Welcome to Hack for Stay, an exciting and innovative online EU-level hackathon! Our mission is to reshape the landscape of European travel, specifically targeting small villages and lesser-known areas, while making travel smarter, sustainable, and accessible for all. In collaboration with partners from Italy, Spain, Estonia, and Slovakia, we’re embarking on a transformative journey to revolutionize the way we explore and experience Europe.

What is Hack for Stay?

Hack for Stay is not just a hackathon; it’s a catalyst for change. It’s an event where individuals or teams collaborate intensively, leveraging rapid innovation to solve problems. Our focus is to weave together the convenience of remote working with sustainable, community-centric tourism. We aim to champion mindful living while making European travel a more enriching experience.
The event aims to engage participants in drafting recommendations for EU policymakers: women will collaborate, integrating a gender perspective into sustainable solutions for European destinations.

Join the Movement!

We invite all passionate and driven women across Europe to join us in this exciting endeavor. This is an opportunity to unite diverse skills and expertise to shape a more sustainable future for European travel.
The hackathon offers a platform for collaboration among participants from various European partners of the OTBT Off the Beaten Track Project. Participants from different sectors and countries will contribute diverse skills and expertise, aligning with the project’s core values of inclusivity and diversity.Up to 48 participants, including Mentoring Circle members, OTBT Community women, project stakeholders, and partners, will be grouped into teams of 6-7 based on their registration information.


The hackathon was a success! We organized into four groups, each focusing on a specific track. Using the Persona tool, we worked on their needs, within a specific context. At the end, each team crafted recommendations for policymakers, which you can find HERE (link alla sezione PolicyMakers Guidelines). Check out the fantastic work of our four teams below!

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Event Details

December 13, 2023

9:00 AM – 4:00 PM CET


– Life & Work Remotely
Tailored for female digital nomads, exploring innovative solutions for remote work and transforming European destinations into thriving hubs.

– Balancing Work & Family Travel
For working mothers and family-oriented travelers, seeking solutions to harmonize work and family travel in Europe.

– Cultural Remote Working Enriching destinations by attracting professional and creative women, fostering collaborations with local communities, artisans, and professionals.

– Women to welcome you Amplifying the influence of women in the tourism sector through policies, mentorship programs, and innovative platforms.