Off-the-beaten-track (OTBT) aims at empowering and improving the employability of adult women (30+ years) that are at risk of losing or have lost their jobs and incomes as a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic by exploring the link between tourism, sustainable development and creativity (UNWTO Action Plan, 2010).

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It fosters cross-innovation between CCSs and tourism, and builds on informal learning and mentoring by: promoting networking, inspiration and empathy among women of different backgrounds, ages, geographies and cultures, and the most vulnerable and disadvantaged ones would be empowered and inspired with their life and work and to better face uncertainties about their future; motivating women in engaging in sustainable development through creativity, problem solving and resilience, along with enhanced digital competence.

They will be led to co-create and further manage a digital forward-looking learning Academy. It will act as a women community and hub of resources, information, tools and contacts for skilled females that want to commit and work together to flexible and short-term projects, including new social enterprises, to advance long-term goals and drive long-term change related to sustainable development and creative and inclusive urban regeneration of European destinations.


Major outcomes that OTBT strives to achieve is setting up a long-term hub for women working in tourism and CCSs or interested to make a career in these fields, whether they want to access networking and learning opportunities, testing out a business idea to be further crowdfunded, or co-develop a new collaborative project by accessing EU/regional/national funds.

a novel Methodology

a Facilitator’s Handbook

a Microlearning Programme

a Self-Assessment Tool

inspiring female changemakers

organizing mentoring circles

creating a community

Off the beaten track - Survey

Participate in the survey and tell us about your experience as a working woman in the tourism and culture and creativity industries! It will take you just a few minutes!

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Do you want to take part in the Academy? Follow the steps!

Do you want to take part in the Academy? Follow the steps!

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What soft skills do you have? Find it out with the self-assessment tool

What soft skills do you have? Find it out with the self-assessment tool

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Microlearning Handbook

Microlearning Handbook

Take a few minutes to get familiar with this Microlearning manual, the ideal solution to learn about soft skills, and EntreComp, DigiComp and LifeComp skills…