Anna Lutter: you don’t have to do everything by yourself

Creative Estonia asked creative entrepreneur Anna Lutter how she started her business and what knowledge she could have had more of. Anna is the designer and owner of the brand annalutter and CEO of Studio KUUT, handicraft teacher, and author of three DIY books

How did you start your entrepreneurial career?

My first company was born without me having planned it. I was making crafts as gifts for myself and friends, and others started to like it, so at one point, looking at my life, I realised I had a business without having planned it. After this realisation, I also formalised my business as a legal one. However, my second business came about in the opposite way: I had an idea for a business that I really believed in, and then I started working on making it happen!

What have been the main obstacles or barriers you have encountered in your entrepreneurial career?

All barriers are a great opportunity to evolve and find new directions and perspectives. I believe that I myself have been the barrier that has prevented things from happening and rethought things.

Which professional success are you most proud of?

Three books written, photographed and created by me from cover to cover.

What knowledge do you think you should have had or wish you had before starting a business?

As a business grows, leadership and working with people is definitely something that could have been known more before (and now)!

What professional advice would you give your younger self?

You don’t have to do it all yourself: outsource, and you’ll grow faster as a business.

What advice would you give to a woman who wants to start a business or has just started her own entrepreneurial career?

Make a plan/dream and go for it. Don’t analyse or think too much: focus on what you set out to do and work towards it! So less overthinking and more action!



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