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Developing a methodology to empower women around Europe

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Off the Beaten Track’s work to enable women’s empowerment in tourism and culture and creativity industries

Since women have always been underrepresented in the workplace, especially in decision-making and strategically important positions, Off The Beaten Track has the ambitious goal to help them develop their soft skills and increase their chances of entering better job positions.

The work being carried out by the project partners, led by Destination Makers, is leading to the development of an ad hoc methodology created for conducting “mentoring circles,” meetings – online or offline – aimed at enhancing participants’ skills with the help of women who have had a positive impact with their activities: the women changemakers.

The role of these women changemakers is a key role in the project, as they bring concrete and inspirational experience, telling that change is possible despite difficulties. Off The Beaten Track is building a network of women changemakers from across Europe, eager to contribute and help project participants “see a possible and different future” in their careers.

Our methodology will be based on the design thinking method, with a mix of face-to-face training and practical work, where participants can on the one hand learn theoretical concepts and on the other hand actively work to develop an idea and consider all the necessary steps, helped by our facilitators, changemakers and guided canvases that we are developing only for this project so that they are as effective as possible.

The partners’ experience in the fields of training, skills development, and particularly in the tourism and culture sectors will enable Off The Beaten Track’s activities to hit the mark, making possible new beginnings and, we hope, the redemption of the women who will participate in our activities.

Are you a woman who has lost her job or wants to find one in these two target sectors? Keep following us, because there will be news for you very soon!

Here you can find out which are the first women “of change” who have joined the Off the Beaten Track network.

Do you know a woman changemaker in the fields of tourism and culture and creative industry and want to point her out to us?

You can do so by filling out the form at this link!