Meet Meritxell Falgueras, an inspiring woman entrepreneur

Within the framework of the “Off The Beaten Track” project, we want to promote networking, inspiration and empathy among women by sharing inspiring stories about female changemakers, and that’s why we decided to give voice to three successful women entrepreneurs. Today, let’s discover Meritxell Falgueras, a woman from Barcelona who strives to increase the presence of women in the wine industry.

A woman in the wine industry

Meritxell Falgueras belongs to the fifth generation of Celler de Gelida, Barcelona’s most iconic cellar. Due to her media presence, she is a very well-known public figure and her Instagram profile @winesandthecity gathers over 22,000 wine lovers.

In addition to being a sommelier, she writes and collaborates with several media to praise wine, as well as working in wine tourism initiatives for hotels, destinations and brands. She also succeeded in reinventing her professional career by writing “What to drink when you don’t drink”, a book which explores non-alcoholic pairings at a time when she couldn’t drink alcohol as she was pregnant.

Meritxell Falgueras is an inspiring entrepreneur as she strives to increase the presence of women in the wine industry, but she is also a good example of how to balance work and personal life.

Read the interview

Read the interview of Falgueras where she talks about her career as an entrepreneur and gives advice to women.

 How did you start your career as an entrepreneur?

I am the fifth generation of a neighborhood store (“tienda de barrio”). I knew I wanted to communicate the wine beyond what was being done…

What have been the main obstacles or barriers you have encountered in your career as an entrepreneur?

The masculinity that has called my communication work in the world of wine “superficial”

What professional success are you most proud of?

Of being a mother and freelance and not dying in the attempt.

What knowledge do you think you should have or would have liked to have before starting a business?

Knowing that you will never know what you earn each month

What professional advice would you give to your “younger self”?

Follow your instinct and “be nice” always and with everyone

What advice would you give to a woman who wants to start a business or has just started her entrepreneurial career?

Start thinking about how you dress as a communication weapon.

Do you want to share an inspirational phrase? (yours or some famous personality)

There’s no pain without gain; there is nothing free in life.


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